PAT Testing

What Is PAT Testing? Facts You Need to Know About!

PAT Testing

In common day to day busy life it is very uncommon that people would stop to check on their electric appliances. But it is absolutely necessary to do so. You never know when a small ignorance can lead to devastating outcomes. This is where the famous PAT Testing comes into play.

PAT is an acronym for Portable Appliance Testing. It actually refers to the examination of portable electrical appliances to ensure that they are safe for further use. This type of testing includes both visual examination and equipment examination. Visual examination forms a major part of PAT testing because many times you will be able to detect electrical defects by this. However, certain defects can only be detected with the help of certain equipment.

The method of testing will entirely depend on the type of appliance and the environment of use.

Who should perform it?

Most of the time since visual examination is enough to detect an electrical defect therefore even you with simple training and use of required checklist would be able to perform PAT test. However, for certain appliances it is better to go for trained professional because they would provide a more formal visual and equipment testing.

Is it mandatory to do PAT testing every year?

There is no law binding a person to perform this test on their electrical appliances every year. However, according to The Electricity at Work Regulations it is advisable to maintain portable electrical appliances, which has the potential to cause injury, properly. This regulation is not in any way binding by law.

Frequency of testing

This is entirely depending on the type of electrical equipment. If an equipment is complex and is used very frequently then it should also be tested frequently. For example, a drill which is used in a construction site is used for prolonged period and it is heavy machinery so it is advisable to check it very frequently. However, in case of light lamp in a hotel bedroom you can choose to test it once every one or two years.

Labelling and keeping records

These two are very efficient management tools. This will help you to know that which of your appliances has been tested and when it is done. This helps you to demonstrate that you have a PAT testing system in your organisation.

However, as far as law is concerned there is no need for you to maintain such a record. You may do it for your own ease of management and safety.

What are the benefit of such a testing?

The benefits of PAT testing are as follows: –

  • It will help you to maintain your electrical appliances better so that there are no accidents.
  • Many times it happens that faulty machinery consumes more electricity. So, if you will be able to detect such defects beforehand it will be beneficial for your finances also.
  • Since it is not compulsory by law that PAT test should be performed by a trained professional always, any member of your staff who have a simple training will be able to perform such a test and so there is no additional cost incurred by you.

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