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Testing Electrical Appliances for Safety is a Golden Rule!

Necessity for testing

In the modern era everything is connected with electricity. From a simple hair dryer to the most extensively used appliance which is the mobile phones is in a way connected to electricity. People are continuously using electrical appliances on a regular basis. So, you can only imagine the wear and tear that is going on in these appliances. In order to avoid any major accidents, it is better to perform regular testing of these appliances as a small electrical problem in an appliance can lead to life threatening accidents.

You must know how dangerous electrical problems may be. A small short circuit may lead to burning of your entire household. An electric shock can also instantly stop your heart from beating ever again. A few minutes of your time to test your electrical appliances may save your life as well as the life of your loved ones.

Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries may be caused even with low voltage electric current however; the risk of injury will be greater with higher voltage electric current. Wide range of injuries is caused by both alternating current and direct current electrical supplies which include: –

  • Electric shock: this can be caused by only a 50-volt electric current. Though it is not fatal but you will definitely not like this sensation. But a shock from high voltage can also stop your heart from beating properly.
  • Electric burns: these are caused when the electric current passes through the tissues in the body and it burns the tissues along the flow of the current. It generally takes place with high voltage current but can also be caused by domestic current if it passes for more than fraction of second.
  • Thermal burns: this takes place when people are near an electrical explosion. You must be thinking that only people working near electricity are exposed to this type of danger but you are wrong! Electrical explosion is caused by overheating of appliance caused due to electric short. Even your car battery can overheat and explode if it is shorted out.
  • Loss of muscle control: when electric current passes through the muscles it may cause spasms which may lead to breaking of bones. This is a sensation when people are not able to let go the electric shock or in other words cannot escape it.

How to know if your appliance is safe?

In order to know about the safety of your electric appliance, you need to perform certain test. In most of the cases where the appliance is used in good environment then a thorough visual examination is enough to understand that whether your appliance is working fine or not. But in cases of certain appliances which are used very extensively in harsh environment would involve more frequent and professional examination.

Who should you consult about safety measure?

A Local Contractor such as JCJ Electrics, in most cases, able to help you with your queries regarding the electrical appliances and how to maintain them. They do all sorts of work related with electricity and therefore would be able to give you professional opinion. There are also online forums which will be able to help you. If you want to ensure your home is safe from faulty appliances and put your mind at rest give us a call today 01932 848 033 in London, Surrey, Kent, Essex & Surrounding Areas .

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