5 Pat Testing questions you should ask a contractor or company

Portable appliance test (PAT testing) is recommended for the Landlord’s, schools, households and business customers. This will be followed as per landlord, schools, domestic and commercial insurance. There are PAT specific companies and also Electrical contracting companies that carry out PAT Testing. You can also find a PAT testing companies who only test for commercial environments or companies that will PAT Test all environments. It is advisable to ask the below mentioned questions before calling them to do a professional PAT test in your property, home, school or office.

  1. Qualified PAT testers or not?

You can find many PAT testers in the UK. Some are self-employed or work for an electrical company that offers PAT Testing services. There are even companies that only offer PAT Testing and no other services. Although not a legal requirement to be qualified it would be strongly advised to appoint someone with a formal qualification in PAT Testing. This would be necessary should you need to do an insurance claim. You can check this on their official website too. If they do not have their official website ask them to provide you copies of their qualifications. If you need to do an insurance claim the insurers will want to see their qualifications to validate your claim.

  1. They have physical office or not?

Most of the time, you avail PAT services through online bookings. Sometimes, a PAT tester will be a third party. This kind of PAT testing happens due to online companies subcontracting work out to other companies. A PAT company with a physical office is the best to hire. They will be more likely arrive on time and be contactable in the future should you need any further testing. They can also quite often come out to do a site visit and give you a more accurate quotation prior to the testing.

  1. PAT Testing Charges

The PAT testing of household and office equipment differs. You must be clear with what kind of electrical appliances you have and how much the company charges for the different environments. Some PAT testing companies have set packages to select for their customers. Most of the time, it will be cheaper to come under their package. This is because it is worked out on test numbers and not an hourly rate. It is advisable to get a quote online or by having a site visit with a written PAT quote listing their testing charges.

  1. PAT testers are security checked or not?

Schools would normally insist on PAT Testing engineers to be DBS checked but this is something that often gets overlooked by domestic and commercial customers. A risk assessment should be carried out to ascertain whether this would be a necessary in your circumstances. This will help give peace of mind when an PAT engineer comes into your home or office. A legitimate PAT tester will have a formal PAT qualification or a PAT testing certificate and a traceable background check.

  1. You must ask for any offers and discounts.

The PAT testing companies will give special offers and discounts. This can be as below mentioned.

  • Free minor rewires
  • Cable replacement if any
  • Free fuse replacement to correct fuse rating
  • Locked in price, if you sign them for an annual contract.

It is advisable to check their website as they normally give such discounts and offers to online bookings. Give PAT Testing & Periodic Inspections
by JCJ Electrics Ltd today if you have any questions.

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